Sunday, January 17, 2010

This Sunday in pictures

I had to go in to work this morning to take pictures of an event. I've always been struck by how pretty the light coming through the stained glass windows is. After the event I went through the sanctuary and hall and snapped some pictures of the windows (and the plaque on my office door).The paperwhites are blooming, the smell is somewhat obnoxious though, but they're very pretty.I've spent the rest of the afternoon being lazy and knitting. The progress on the Featherweight cardigan is s l o w, there are so many stitches now. I have to do 45 increases (which comes out to 90 rows).And I'm sure you have already done it but if you haven't it would be really nice to send some funds to an organization that's assisting with Haiti relief. Besides sending cash to organizations like the American Red Cross, lots of folks in the crafting community have set up special ways to buy/give/donate towards the cause. I got a new little vase from Melissa, who is giving a portion of her proceeds to Doctors Without Borders. Ravelry has a page for designers who are giving some of their proceeds to Haitian relief efforts and the Craft Hope page on Etsy is doing the same thing. In the wake of so much suffering and sadness it's a really good thing to do.

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lynseym said...

i love the photos of the synagogue! and your sweater is looking lovely.