Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Recently I bought an abundance of teabags, Earl Grey, Lady Grey and Mint. Lady Grey is my favorite and I drink more of it than the others. So I have a lot of Earl Grey in the pantry, which led me to finally try the Earl Grey cookie recipe from the Martha Cookie book (click here for recipe). These are little buttery cookies with a hint of bergamot. Easy-peasy to make too. Mine are not as pretty and round as the ones in the book though.Also grey, my first knit-a-sweater-a-month sweater, the Featherweight Cardigan in Malabrigo laceweight. It's grey with some pale lavender undertones. It may take me forever to finish, the yarn is so thin and light it's hard to get good tension, but it's so soft.


Kerry Crawford said...

Where did you find the Malabrigo laceweight in Memphis?

I've been looking all over, but the smallest Malabrigo I could find was the sock.

sarahe said...

those cookies sound lovely...mmm...making me want some tea!

jenelisebeth said...

Cute blog! Not sure how I came across you, but you're a fellow Memphis blogger and I wanted to comment.

Those cookies look divine. And I've tried my hand at crochet, but more and more I'm thinking I need to start knitting.