Monday, January 11, 2010

A hat, a cake & keeping warm

I finished my first knit-object of 2010, I started it right after Christmas but didn't finish it until last Thursday. I blocked and washed it over the weekend and ta-da! It's the Ripple Hat from Knit and Tonic (the worsted version) knit up in Dream in Color Classy I bought in Seattle. The colorway is called Strange Harvest and it's a weird mustard-y color that I really like. I really love this hat because almost every hat I've knit has a ribbed band but this one has a garter stitch band instead. It's a super easy pattern and pretty quick too.A couple of weeks ago I was catching up on my blog-reading and found this recipe from goodLife{eats}. It's a Cardamon Citrus Coffee Cake and it's really good. I have a large baggie of cardamon I bought last year and I'm trying to find recipe that call for it. Plus by making this cake I got to use my shiny new bundt pan. Easy recipe, I almost forgot to put the filling though so my filling/sugar swirl sit almost at the bottom of the cake. I just dusted the top with powdered sugar but I think it might be nice with a thin orange juice glaze too.It's been unusually cold here the past week, we even got a tiny dusting of snow last Thursday. Nothing to write home about though, the thing about being an adult is there are no snow days (at least no where I've worked in the past nine years). Yesterday I was worried our heating system was working too hard so I turned the heat down and Doug brought in the electric heater from his shop so we could run it while we were in the living room. When our cat Ed figured out that the heater was putting out warmth he plopped himself down in front of it and stayed there. Happiest cat ever.Oh and here are the paperwhites, week four. I took this picture yesterday and this morning when I woke up the tallest one has started to bud.

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