Thursday, February 11, 2010

Extra sweets

I say 'extra sweets' because normally I only do my TWD dessert and we work on eating that all week. However this past week I made three extras. First was the Jam Cake with Brown Sugar Rum Glaze from this book. It's a delicious, moist cake with a giant swirl of jam running throughout. The recipe calls for two cups of jam (any kind) and I used a jar of homemade strawberry jam one of my aunts gave me at Christmas. The glaze is cream, brown sugar and butter with a tiny bit of rum added at the end. I loved this cake, I think I might have had some variation of it during my childhood because it tasted very familiar to me.The second thing was Cardamon Crumb Cake from Dorie's Baking book. I made it on Monday during out surprise snow day. I'm really surprised no one has chosen this for TWD yet, it's delicious. Extremely moist and sweet with citrus flavors as well as a hint of espresso. It would be so good served at a brunch, a keeper for sure.Third, was Orange Scented Scones from the Sweet Melissa Baking Book. A simple scones recipe was orange zest and ground oats, pretty tasty for a weekend breakfast.

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sarahe said...

those look great--especially the jam cake--WOW