Monday, February 08, 2010

Surprise snow day

Here in Memphis snow or the threat of snow is 'big doings'. The local news stations trip over themselves to get you the 'most complete coverage' of any impending weather threat. Oddly no one really mentioned the threat of snow yesterday (probably everyone was wrapped up in the Super Bowl) and surprise! This morning we awoke to a city blanketed in the white stuff. I got ready for work per usual because in the nearly five years I've been at my current job I've never had my boss call and tell me not to come it. So by 7:30AM I was showered and dressed and padding around the backyard taking pictures before I headed out when Bossman #1 rang and told me we were having a snow day. Craziness I tell you! Of course by noon most the snow was melting and it was raining/sleeting. But I very much enjoyed my extra day off, thanks Mr. Bossman #1. Here are some shots I took before everything started to fall away.

The front of our abode
Looking down our streetMy snow-filled raised bedsSnow on our little flowering cherry treeLooking straight up from underneath one of the fig trees

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Tia said...

wol that last pic is gorgeous!!!