Wednesday, April 07, 2010

San Antonio

Over the extended weekend I got to fly down to Texas (more specifically San Antonio) to visit my friend Shannon, who I've known since we were fourteen. Shannon has lived in San Antonio for 9 years (I think) but I hadn't gone to visit her until now. Because of the Passover holiday I had Monday and Tuesday off from work so it was the perfect time to take a trip. I flew out Friday night and came back yesterday afternoon. It wasn't that hot there but the humidity was pretty high, which reminded me of the returning humidity here, blech.

Saturday we drove to Fredericksburg, Texas, there we walked around, had some free jelly/jam/salsa samples, shopped, drove past Luckenbach (immortalized in this song) and visited a flower farm.This is just one of the walls of jarred delights at one of the places in Fredericksburg, do you see the pickled figs?
The sign for LuckenbachTexas bluebonnetsPoppies! It was like a painting.
Sunday we went to the Alamo (not pictures allowed inside so these are all exterior)
San Fernando Cathedral (where the remains of the defenders of the Alamo are laid to rest) The inside was beautiful but it was Easter Sunday and there was a Mass about to happen so I didn't want to take pictures out of respect.In front of the cathedral is this statue of the Portuguese Saint Anthony for whom the city is named.Some other things from downtown:
Boat ride on the San Antonio River
An 'Elvis' (Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream with Banana & Reese's Peanut Butter Cups) at Amy's Ice Cream
Monday we got a private tour of the Texas State CapitolDavy Crockett (a Tennessean and defender of the Alamo!)Shannon and I at the CapitolFinally, as Kerry over at I Love Memphis noted while she was in Austin, Texas BBQ is not the same as Memphis BBQ - at all. Shannon and I ate at Rudy's in Selma, Texas, the BBQ was okay but the creamed corn was amazing.I enjoyed my visit to the Lone Star state but I'm glad to be home, I missed the Mister! Of course now I can't stop singing this Lyle Lovett song.

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