Monday, April 12, 2010

The Never-ending Moss Stitch Story

I'm still working on the Minimalist Cardigan. Still! I started it on January 31 and I'm not finished. The back, left front and right front are done, I've moved on to the first of two sleeves. (the color is off in this picture, the second picture is more true to the actual color) But I only have one skein of yarn left and I don't think that's going to be enough yarn for two 3/4 length sleeves and seaming the whole thing together. At this point I just want to be done, moss stitch looks so nice but I'm so over it.

Because I didn't want to drag sweater pieces on an airplane, I cast on for the Ishbel shawl/scarf the day I left for San Antonio. I worked on it the whole time I was gone and got pretty far. The yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy in Grey Tabby and I'm really happy with it so far. It's a good plane project because I only have the one ball of yarn to carry around and the lace pattern is just hard enough that I have to pay attention to what I'm doing so it's a nice distraction.
While I was in Texas I bought these wooly treasures: 200 yards of Texas alpaca, so soft.
Malabrigo sock yarn in Lettuce, which is going to make another little shawl/scarf
Some more sock yarn I bought at the Knitting Nest in Austin, which will also one day be a nice mini-shawl.
I've put myself on yarn purchasing lockdown for awhile, I have way too much yarn. I will be making an exception when I go to Colorado at the end of the month though....


Jules Someone said...

Right there with ya. I'm in the middle of five projects, and my stash does not seem to be going away. Sigh.

Sarah said...

Ishbel is looking great! I'm proud of you from sticking with all that moss stitch for so long.

lynseym said...

the sweater is at least black so you can match new balls of yarn for you right? looks good!