Monday, May 10, 2010

Garden Update 2010: Week 9

I say it's week 9 but really it seems later than that. I was worried about how the garden would fare during all the bad weather and torrential rains last weekend but everything withstood the wind and water. I did notice some slug action and aphids. I used iron phosphate and crushed eggshells for the slugs (beer traps work but are just too gross for me to deal with and insecticidal soap for the aphids.

Beans and beans and beans!ZucchiniPeas are blooming, which is so exciting I can't stand it. Look at this itty-bitty pea!I have a tiny tomatoRainbow swiss chard is getting bigger and biggerHerbsBaby bell peppersCarrot topsI have some more room so I may try to pick up some fillers next weekend to put in the space I have left. I also need to plant more marigolds to help ward off the bad insects.

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