Monday, May 24, 2010

What I Made with It: Strawberries

Last week I was off on Wednesday, which allowed me to visit the Farmer's Market at the Memphis Botanic Gardens. Typically I can't make it because it's from 2PM-6PM and by the time I get over there after work (around 5:30PM) most of the goods are gone or picked over. But I got to go early this time and bought the following: strawberries from Jones Orchard, broccoli from Tims Family Farm, whole wheat flour from Funder Farm, honey from Peace Bee Honey and a St. John's Wort plant (not pictured) from Patsy's Herb Farm (I think, I can't quite remember).I thought this week I'd post about what I did with each item I bought, starting with the strawberries.On Thursday morning I made myself a Nutella-Banana grilled sandwich and ate it with a side of fresh strawberries. Warm Nutella is heaven I tell you, HEAVEN, the 'recipe' for the sandwich is from Everyday Food but I can't find it online. Essentially it's just two slices of crust-less wheat bread, lightly buttered on the outside, filled with a healthy dose of Nutella and a sliced banana and then cooked over medium-low heat until the bread is lightly browned (like 3-4 minutes).
In perusing some other Memphis blogs I found The Chubby Vegetarian and these posts about making popsicles. I remembered I had a popsicle mold that I had never used somewhere and I went about digging it out. I mixed up a batch of popsicles using the remaining strawberries I had bought, some sugar, a splash of lemon juice, a chug of Triple Sec and a few springs of mint from my garden. I threw everything in my food chopper until it was pretty smooth and then poured it into the molds. The molds hung out in the freezer overnight and then I got my first taste of them on Friday, just in time for our hot, muggy weather. They were so good, light and refreshing. I ordered a few more molds from Amazon that are silicone so maybe they'll be easier to unmold since I did have one popsicle that got stuck.

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