Monday, June 07, 2010

Broccoli & Chocolate (but not together)

At the Botanic Gardens farmer's market a few weeks ago I bought two giant heads of broccoli, they were as big as my own head. I did some Google-ing on broccoli recipes and the first thing that came up was The Best Broccoli of Your Life by the Amateur Gourmet. The recipe is just roasting broccoli after it's been lightly tossed in salt, pepper and olive oil and then adding lemon juice, lemon zest, pine nuts and Parmesan. I already enjoy roasting vegetables with olive oil and s&p but the lemon and parm totally made this dish. It was mind-blowing and I can't even remember a time I've ever described a vegetable as 'mind-blowing'. I used all the broccoli I had to make the dish twice in one week, it was that good. I did slightly tinker with it though, I used red pepper flakes, a little less olive oil and I skipped the pine nuts. I can't imagine a better way to eat broccoli.For Memorial Day my mom and a friend of hers joined us for lunch. Since it was hot and humid, I opted for a chilled dessert rather than a heavy, baked item. I used this Elie Krieger recipe from the Food Network website for Double Chocolate Pudding Pie. I did have to bake the crust for just for a few minutes and it was a graham cracker crust so it was still light. The pie is actually relatively 'healthy' although chocolate pudding pie is never really good for you this one is less bad for you. We all really enjoyed it, even without the whipped cream top, which would have probably made it more photogenic, oh well it still tasted good!

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