Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Garden Update 2010: Week 12

Well the weather around here has been hot and muggy and somewhat wet. Perfect for mosquitoes, which means I can hardly step foot in the garden without being feasted on. The garden, however, seems to be loving the weather.

I have gathered an abundance of green beans, plenty to share with friends.
The varieties of green bean areFin de Bagnol and Provider Bean. I got the last of the peas, the heat is just too much for them to bear. This weekend I'll be removing the pea vines and replacing them with Christmas Lima Bean seeds, yum! The tomatoes are getting bigger but it'll be awhile before they're ready to eat. This one pineapple tomato is not well but the other tomatoes around it are fine. Everything else is coming along nicely.Yesterday I got my second order from Seed Savers, it included the Christmas Lima Beans, Hutterite Soup Beans, Acorn Squash and Parade cucumbers. Doug is going to finally build me an 8th raised bed so I can plant a few more things.

My Swiss chard is ready for harvesting, I'm looking around for the best way to cook it.The nasturtiums I bought as plants earlier in the spring did well in the planter box on one side of the shop, the ones on the other side got way too much sun and wilted. I replanted them in another container and put them in the shade hoping they'll be happier.Oh and the grapes are growing a lot, Doug made this makeshift support for them until has can build something better.


Sarah said...

It all looks great! And thanks for the beans- they were delicious :)

lynseym said...

I'm going to make my beans from you into a salad tomorrow. Can't decide between lemony garlic or Thai with lime and fish sauce. I'm grilling chicken legs for our picnic--Thai for us, BBQ for the boys. Yums.