Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Garden Update 2010: Week 14

Still hot here, like heat index of 105 hot. Some things in the garden seem to be enjoying this, others not so much.Some pest is reeking havoc on my beans, the beans themselves seem to be okay but the leaves have definitely been nibbled on a lot lately. My best guess is that it's Mexican bean beetles, I have some insecticidal soap to spray on them later, hopefully that will help. Even with the beetle attack, the beans are still blooming and producing.The yellow zucchini plants are enormous but they aren't making any zucchini yet. I'm not sure if they're getting properly pollinated, I may have to intervene.Okra plants are taller and the okra seeds I planted in March that I thought never germinated, will some of them finally came up, weird.My tomatoes are growing but not really doing so hot other than just getting taller. One tomato got eaten by something, birds I'm guessing. I still have some little green ones, I might have to put something around them to deter any other birds seeking a snack.I pulled out the peas and planted Christmas lima beans, which is why the far left bed looks empty.Cucumbers are doing well, lots of blooms and teensy cukes. One cucumber probably only needs a few more days on the vine before it's ready to eat.Peppers growing bigger (even though they're mini-bell peppers)Carrots and volunteer tomatoes are happy.Swiss chard is almost ready to go, which works out since the cantaloupe vines are looking to move in our their territory.I also stuck a cantaloupe plant in my compost pile and it's getting grabby. I was inspired by my mom, who has a tomato in her compost pile and I swear the stalk is 5 inches thick.

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