Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The great time suck

Lately I haven't been able to blog as much or have the time to do things to blog about. The reason? Algebra. This summer I'm taking an algebra class online, through the University of Memphis, so I can hopefully finish up my BS degree over the next two years. Algebra has been the bane of my existence forever, really the entire study of math. I started going to 'special' math when I was in the second grade. The trouble has persisted throughout my educational career. I have taken this particular class at the UofM at least twice before, without passing. Really. Thus, almost all my free time (the time when I'm not at my 8-5 job) is spent on my laptop trying to navigate the distributive property and rational expressions and linear graphing. Algebra is currently my great time suck. It's hard, especially since it's online and it's the summer semester, which is more condensed than the spring or fall. But the end will come shortly and (fingers crossed) hopefully I can eke out a passing grade.

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