Friday, June 11, 2010

The healthy & the not-so-healthy

First the healthy! A Very Berry Salad (eye-roll at the cutesy name) made with all manner of berries I could find and a 'dressing' of honey, lemon juice and Triple Sec. Recipe found here. Healthy because strawberries have vitamin C and so do blueberries! Raspberries have niacin (vitamin B3), blackberries have vitamin K and all of them have fiber and antioxidants. Plus they're all in season right now and it's a pretty looking salad.Next, the not-so-healthy, Flourless Peanut-Chocolate Cookies (recipe here). I didn't have actual peanuts on hand so I used just chunky peanut butter. Minimal effort for a soft, yummy cookie!

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Sarah said...

Mmmmm blackberries! I loves them.