Monday, June 14, 2010


Oh my gosh, it isn't even officially summer yet and we're already melting. We've been under a heat advisory since Saturday and it doesn't seem to be cooling off very much at night either. As I type this it's 91 degrees but feels like 103, ugh and tonight's low is going to be 78, double ugh.

Despite the ridiculous temperatures, the two of us, along with some friends, braved the heat and went to the free Cowboy Junkies show at the Levitt Shell Saturday night. It was a packed house (or lawn rather?) and so flipping hot. We did a potluck, Kenan made a really great vinegar based slaw, Lynsey and Ted made yummy brisket and diced chicken thighs served with corn tortillas and several amazing sauces to go along with them. I made a black-eyed pea salad with cilantro, tomatoes, lime juice and jalapeno and blueberry cheesecake bars for dessert.I burned the hell out of my finger tips with the jalapeno. I don't use them a lot so I didn't think anything about chopping them and not wearing gloves, this was a total mistake. We tried putting everything on them that the internet suggested for capsaicin burns, baking soda, milk, canola oil, alcohol but nothing seemed to alleviate the pain. At one point I had Doug tape a plastic baggie of cold water and baking soda to my hand so I could get some relief, hence the photo of me looking like a crazy person. Eventually the burning sensation wore off, about eight hours after my initial jalapeno contact. So lesson learned, wear gloves when working with jalapenos!

The cheesecake bars were good, especially cold. The recipe is from here, the blueberries were great but I bet they'd be just as good with raspberries or blackberries (but probably not strawberries because of the moisture content).I'm off to bask in wonder that is air conditioning.

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