Friday, June 25, 2010

The year of the shawlette?

It seems my grand plans for knitting a sweater a month are long defunct and instead this might be the year of the sock yarn shawlette. So far this year I have knit three and have a fourth and fifth on the needles. Why? Well they're easy to carry around, usually require only one skein of sock yarn, they knit up fairly quickly and they're pretty stylish. Not to mention it seems everyone in the knitting world has similar ideas but there are dozens and dozens of different patterns out there. My Ravelry que is filled with shawl patterns. Another draw of the shawlette right now is it's so flipping hot (we've been under a heat advisory since last week) and working on another bigger than a mini-shawl seems daunting.

I cast-off and blocked the Multnomah shawl this past weekend. It was pretty mindless knitting and I finally used up the Sunshine yarn I'd had for a couple of years. The colorway is 'Forks' (yes that Forks) and it's a little more camo-ish that I'd hope for. I'll still wear it though.

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