Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Garden Update 2010: Week 18

Holes in my beans, oh do I have holes in my beans. These are the 'new' Christmas lima beans I planted after I pulled out the peas, already becoming snacks for bean beetles (despite my spraying of insecticidal soap).These are the Fin Bagnol beans that have been devastated by the stupid bean beetles, still blooming though, what troopers.However, the okra is blooming AND I picked one large pod and some little baby ones. Also, how pretty is that okra blossom?Cucumbers are abundant, I gave away these two over the weekend and I picked more (albeit oddly shaped) today along with an Asian eggplant.Little tomatoes from the volunteers.The beginnings of a cantaloupe (or 'mush melon' as my Pa Rone used to say).Peppers and herbs are happy about the heat.Finally carrots! There are more in the garden that I didn't have time to pull yet.

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