Monday, August 16, 2010

What I accomplished this weekend

Taught my 7.5 year old niece to knit (I hope it sticks!)
My favorite thing was when my brother came to pick her up and we were getting her things together I asked her if she wanted to put her knitting in her bag and she said "No I'm going to knit in the car." A child after my own heart.
Made the same niece a little elastic waist skirt with fabric she picked out. 
Finished the increase portion of my Damson shawl. The yarn is Malabrigo sock and the color reminds me of honey.
Wound one skein of yarn and made a giant mess with two other skeins after my swift fell apart.
Got Golden India takeout for dinner Saturday.
Went to the movies with Doug (saw this)
Read some of this Mary Gaitskill book.
Drank several glasses of iced Vanilla Chai from Memphis-based Ugly Mug while watching Lucas on the Indie Channel. Noted while watching said movie, Jeremy Piven in 1986 looks pretty much just like Jeremy Piven in 2010, but Charlie Sheen was way hotter in 1986.
Roasted okra from my garden (just a little olive oil, salt and pepper - yum!) 

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lynseym said...

this looks like a great weekend! b is sooo cute. you're a great aunt to her!