Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why yes, I am wearing wool

It's August in Memphis, also known as the most miserable month to be in Memphis. It's murderously hot - really - see this Commercial Appeal story for proof. But hey let's pretend it's cold enough for a wool hat! Meet the Ballard Slouch hat, although it's not very slouchy.

I knit it up in a matter of days last week using the new Quince & Co. lark yarn, which is 100% squishy American wool, the colorway is Sorbet. It took less than a skein so I have more yarn to knit a another hat. 

I don't really have to wait until the fall to wear my lacy Clothilde shawl, I finished it up last week too.
The yarn is MadelineTosh sock in the Isadora colorway.
My blocking skills still need work but I like how it turned out, a perfect way to keep the industrial AC chill off my shoulders. 

I'm at a stopping point with my cotton tank because I want to do bust darts but I'm having trouble with the math involved (shocking isn't it!). I really just need to sit down and force myself to work it out. Also on the needles is a new sock yarn shawl (Damson, pattern here), a top down baby raglan for my soon-to-arrive nephew and my first sock. I need way more knitting time! 


Jules Someone said...

Beautiful! I'm in the middle of about four things as well. Are you on ravelry? I'd love to see more!

April said...

Oh yes! I'll friend you on Ravelry, what's your user name? Mine is roseam21 there too.

mike said...

I love that you knit . . . my mom used to make afghans, matching sweaters for my brother and I (back in the 60's when it was all the rage). So I appreciate all the talented handwork that's involved - both look wonderful - and hopefully it will cool down to wear that cap!