Monday, November 22, 2010

Chez Panisse Almond Torte

I bought Chez Panisse Desserts book months ago. When I got it I thumbed through it and looked at all the elegant desserts. I then promptly set it aside, thinking I'd bake something from it in a few weeks. Weeks turned into months and finally this past weekend I made a vow to make the recipe that caught my eye when I first picked it up - Almond Torte. (recipe found online here)
It's really a simple concoction - eggs, almond paste, sugar, flour, vanilla, salt and some leavening agents. All mixed together well and then poured into a buttered springform pan. The result is a moist cakey creation with the hint of a souffle (there are six eggs in it). The flavor is distinctively almond. We had ours plain, but it's one of those versatile cakes that would work well with a dusting of powdered sugar or maybe a side of raspberry coulis.

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