Monday, January 31, 2011

Look what I finally finished

Just in time too! The little ones these are intended for are set to arrive within the next week.

Once I did one sleeve the others were easier to do. I learned that I really need to pay better attention to the edges when knitting something that's going to be seamed. The buttons sewing isn't 100% perfect, my technique needs work, but for my first major seaming/button sewing attempt I'd say it's pretty good. I bought the buttons at Churchmouse Yarn on Bainbridge Island in December and I really like the way they look with the yarn colors.
The Madelinetosh sock yarn softens up a lot after washing and now it's really squishable and soft. I can only hope one of the twins has longer arms than the other one because the sleeves on the green sweater are shorter than the blue-ish one. Oops. All in all I'm still really happy with the way these turned out and hopefully the recipients will enjoy them too.

I also made bunny hats for them in Madelinetosh DK, the green color is Creme de Menthe and the ivory color is Milk. So sweet! I can't wait to see these topping little baby heads.


Mary said...

I love the hats and sweaters...this post is making me want another baby so I can buy one!

Sarah said...

OMG the cuteness! Those sweaters are adorable-please post some pics of the babes in them.