Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesdays with Dorie: Citrus Currant Sunshine Muffins & Honey Nut Brownies

Last week's recipe was chosen by Lauryn of Bella Baker. I really liked these muffins but they didn't keep as well I think they should have. I made them Sunday morning and by Monday morning they were pretty tough and dry. I did not use currants because the only place around here that sells dried currants is Whole Foods and I didn't want to fight the crowds. Instead I used dried cranberries, which I think worked really well.

This week's recipe was chosen by Suzy of Suzy Homemaker. I used Orange Blossom honey in these brownies and almonds for the nuts. It could be my oven but these brownies took about 25 minutes longer to bake then the recipe called for.After 45 minutes the knife came out with wet batter on it. The top was already browned so I covered it with foil tent and baked it for 25 minutes more. After they were done I let them cool before cutting into them. The honey flavor is very strong so I would make sure to use good honey while making them. I liked these, they are not your typical brownie but they're still very good and reminiscent of a cake. They're also not very photogenic...

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Clivia said...

I think the texture of yours looks fine. Mine never did set properly.