Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Traveling plans

I am alive, despite my lack of posting last week. I'm in that fun area of full-time work + part-time school + doctor/acupuncture appointments. Luckily spring break is next week so I won't have to go to school and most of doctor appointments have ceased until next month. 

We've been making traveling plans for the spring. In mid-March we're going to Columbus, Ohio for an indie comic thing (SPACE), the first weekend in April we're going to St. Louis for Adam Corolla live (Doug really likes his podcast) and in late-April we're going to Chicago for a Cubs game. I wanted to go to San Francisco for my 30th (gulp) birthday in April but it's the same week as Passover (i.e. really busy time at work) so we're  delaying that trip for a month or so until after school is out. I also have enough frequent flier miles for a Delta ticket which I may use for a Seattle trip sometime in late-summer. We've also toyed around with the idea of driving to Austin for Renegade in May but the timing may not work out.

(image from Something Cakes, found via weheartit)

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