Thursday, August 04, 2011

Two more things to keep you cool

Last week Doug and I were hit by an awful stomach virus, courtesy of our germy sweet nephew. It was so bad, we haven't been sick like that the whole time we've been together. There was a lot of lying in bed, moaning, sweating, lying in the bathroom floor, drinking Gatorade and eating Saltines. We missed two days of work, which is a rarity for both of us. In six years at my current job I've only ever called in sick once before. Anyway, we got better thankfully, but neither one of us felt like eating much. My desire to bake/cook was greatly diminished this past weekend too. However, I did crave light, cold treats and they didn't require much effort either. 

First, there's Watermelon-Lemonade Sorbet from the Jeni's Ice Cream cookbook. Seriously easy, watermelon puree + lemon simple syrup + a whirl in the ice cream make + a trip to the freezer = done. This sorbet tastes like summer. 

The second thing is vanilla yogurt popsicles with raspberry puree. I have four sets of popsicle molds (I was a little indulgent last summer shopping on and I never used these particular ones but dug them out to use for this recipe. The 'recipe' is just one container of raspberries tossed in the food chopper with a dash of lemon juice and a little less than 1/2 cup of sugar, pureed. Then I alternated filling the molds with the puree and vanilla yogurt. I wanted to use Greek yogurt but I only had a little bit and because it's so thick it was hard to get in the molds than the regular yogurt. I really liked the way these turned out and the molds release much easier than I thought they would. Plus they're relatively healthy, they could be made healthier by using fat free yogurt and stevia or agave for the sweetener.

Considering we still have at least 6 more weeks of 90+ degree temperatures I am sure I'll be using the popsicle molds some more.


jillbert said...

Yummy looking treats, and thanks for the dose of Buddy Holly!

Sarah said...

The sorbet looks divine! I used to make yogurt popsicles but had forgotten all about them. I still have mold somewhere....