Monday, August 01, 2011

Garden 2011 - Week 12 or maybe 13

I have to admit my poor little garden has been greatly neglected recently. It's the same old story, heat and mosquitoes. 

This is what's happening currently:

Okra and Morning Glory is taller than me (I'm 5'2) Tiny okra pods are appearing, the Morning Glory is blooming, I just need to go out there in the AM to take a picture. 
Carrots and Bachelor's Buttons are growing, probably another few weeks before the carrots are ready to harvest. 
Cucumbers and beans are being attacked by something vicious. I have a lot of misshapen pickling cucumbers and one lovely and unusual looking True Lemon cucumber. The beans are dying so that's kind of a shame but I haven't been doing much to prevent.
Tomatoes and zinnias are doing exceedingly well. I love the zinnias so much, they remind me of my childhood. I have a ton of Roma tomatoes on the vine and lots of larger green ones of varieties I can't recall. I also have these teensy little guys, this was one of the plants my mom gave me that she started from seed - Matt's Wild Cherry.

Doug's grape vines are finally producing real, edible grapes. These are Concord, they have seeds and a very strong flavor. 

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lynseym said...

everything looks so good!