Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just-because bundt cake

You know how you buy produce with good intentions but it doesn't always work out? Like say you buy some pears thinking "those will be great for a snack" and instead you eat candy or pickles or anything other than those pears? Then those lovely bright green pears start to get a little less bright and a little mooshy? That's pretty much how baking this cake happened. This is Pear & Almond Spice Cake from The Pastry Affair. I made this cake forever ago (October) and took half to my grandmother and aunt and kept the other half for Doug and I. It was very good, chocolatey with crunchy almonds pieces and sweet little bursts of ripe pear. My only modification was that I used apple cider in place of pear cider for the glaze (where does one even find pear cider around here?)

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