Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A crafty project

I pinned this project from Amanda at Wit & Whistle ages ago. I finally got around to completing it a few weeks ago. It's a super easy project and completely clever. The complete instructions are here. I did pretty much everything that she did, same mugs/pens. I used my sketch book for inspiration, as well as just trying something that I thought would look nice. Some of the designs I came up with aren't perfect, lines are a little messy or too thick/thin but I think it adds to the character. When I was first testing the pens out I kept a moist paper towel besides me and if I messed up I immediately wiped off and dried the mistake and it was gone. I bought two pens, one in Anthracite (black) and one in Pewter (grayish silver). The black pen turned out better than the gray one (for me at least). To me the black pen gave more of a drawn-on look. 

Thanks to Amanda for this crafty little project!

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Sarah said...

Those are adorable!