Monday, February 06, 2012


I think by this point the whole whoopie pie craze has gone the way of the dinosaurs, but I'm just now getting around to making some. Actually, that isn't true, I made some last fall but didn't blog about them. Last week I promised Doug and his nerd buddies a baked good if they decided they were hanging out by Wednesday night (when said baking would occur). The dudes complied and I thought I'd try the whoopie pies again. I used this recipe from Epicuious, which is pretty basic, chocolate with marshmallow filling. My failing was that I didn't realize how much time they would take to make (more than I had allotted for a Wednesday night) and they were super messy, especially the filling. Because I am lazy, I made them bigger than they should have been, they were kind of gigantic. In fact, once they reached their intended destination on Thursday night the guys wished for smaller treats next time, I concur. Whoopie pies are tasty but should be made the size  indicated on the recipe and probably should only be made when you have several hours to kill. Like on a Saturday afternoon.

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pinkstripes said...

LOL. They do look yummy, though.