Monday, April 02, 2012

Baked Donuts

I really love donuts. A lot. In Memphis the main two places we go are Gibson's and Howard's. Gibson's is packed all the time and a little further away from our house but they have a little more variety than Howard's. Howard's is super close to our house and busy but manageable. Donuts are obviously not healthy but they're so good. I wanted to make donuts for awhile but really didn't want to invest in a deep fryer. Then I saw the donut pans for making baked donuts and thought I'd get one but never did. 

A trip to Target a few weeks ago found me wandering down the bake ware aisles and I found a donut pan, so I impulsively bought it. It took another week or so before I actually made donuts one Sunday morning for breakfast.

I used a pretty basic recipe which I now cannot find, but I know it had buttermilk in it and a chocolate glaze. It was quick and easy, the only slightly messy part was dipping the donuts in the glaze. While these donuts aren't as good as the ones we get from Gibson's or Howard's they were still very good for a baked/first-try donut.

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wendy (pinkstripes) said...

Yum! These are on my to-do list!