Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An updated & decorated space

We're in the process of doing some house updating and refreshing and cleaning and purging. I mean it is spring plus I'm also doing what I guess is called 'nesting'. It's still a little early to work on the baby room but since it's going to get hot quick around here and I assume later on I'll feel not as motivated we've started doing a few things.

Our office, aka the third bedroom, has housed our computer, books, files and other bits of randomness since we moved in. The wood paneling made the room really dark and dated but we couldn't decide if we wanted it painted or not. Finally we decided to do it and hired a painter. It took him three days to prime and paint but we are so happy with the results, it's so much lighter and brighter. Since we've lived in our house, I have used our second bedroom for a craft room but now it's going to be the baby's room. So I downsized a little and merged my craft room into the newly painted office. We moved the craft room items into the office, changed the light fixture and hung new curtains. There are still a few things I want to do like paint the pink bookshelf and frame and hang a few more prints but it's 95% done. I absolutely love it and want to hang out in there all the time now.

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Sarah said...

It looks so pretty! that paint really made a difference.