Monday, April 30, 2012

Instagram birthday

My birthday was last weekend (31!!) and we had a very low-key day together. Doug brought me Dunkin Donuts for breakfast (their donuts aren't as good as our local place but I love their decaf and iced coffee so much), gave me my gifts including a new knife, this new dessert book (we've eaten at the Loveless Cafe before and it's worth the wait) and a box of decaf Dunkin Donut K-cups so I can have DD coffee at home. We ran a few other small shopping errands, went to an estate sale, where Doug bough a few books and I got a brass peacock statue, had a sushi lunch, birthday cupcakes from Muddy's and a two-hour nap. It was a really nice birthday and I had a lot of gifts, cards, and well-wishes from my friends and family. Here's some iPhone pics from the day:

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