Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mr. Narwhal

Since our baby is going to be born in July or more likely August and I've already knitted a collection of hats, sweaters, and blankets for he/she, I decided to knit a few toys. I love Rebecca Danger's pattern and her Big Book of Monsters, they look hard and really aren't. I knit a monster for my nephew's birthday last fall and loved it so much. I started knitting this gal from the Big Book of Monsters for our little guy or girl, the body is done but it needs legs and arms (have to get on that) and her mouth needs glued on.
I also found Rebecca's pattern for Napoleon the Nervous Narwhal and had to knit him. He was super easy to knit and took very little time and yarn. I used some of that Lion Brand Martha Stewart yarn for his body and some leftover Madtosh DK for his tooth. I bought the safety eyes last year from Etsy and they came in a big bag so I have plenty. His tooth support is a chopstick, per Rebecca's instructions. My fins/seaming don't look as nice as they could but I think it's alright. I'm pretty sure though that Mr. Narwhal will be a shelf toy for awhile, at least until the baby learns not to maim himself/herself with the tooth.

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