Monday, May 21, 2012

Kitchen update

Our kitchen is still missing it's sink, countertops, cabinet hardware, island, and new dishwasher. I am most concerned about the lack of sink and countertops. Last week the countertop guy came to measure and then as he left told me it would be another *three weeks* before the countertops would be installed. I'm ashamed to admit I cried a little after he left, which was stupid but I blame it on hormones and the fact that no one prepared us for being without a sink/countertops for five weeks. I wish the nice sales people had been a little more clear with us as to how long that would take. It's so silly to be upset about I know, we have two other (small) bathroom sinks and two bathtubs and we have clean, running water and we're gainfully employed, etc. etc. I just miss a working kitchen, I'm already tired of takeout/eating out/frozen food and disposable plates. Our new dishwasher is in, but can't be installed until the countertops are so until then it's sitting at Lowe's. My baker's rack came, we got a new trashcan, and my island is being delivered sometime tomorrow so that's all progress.
I got one of the piece I ordered off Etsy from Old Schoolhouse Stationers, I love it!
I went ahead and moved the items that go into the upper cabinets in so they wouldn't get dusty sitting out in our makeshift kitchen area.
We're still waiting to here from our electrician/plumber/handyman guy about how much rerouting the dryer vent is going to cost us, I shudder to think....

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