Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baking with Julia: French Strawberry Cake

This is the part where normally I would show you a photo of a cake, a French Strawberry Cake. Unfortunately, to see that you'll have to go to the blogs of the other bakers in BWJ. Apparently I am just not able to make a genoise cake without screwing it up. I had a similar problem with the batter when we made the Berry Surprise Cake from the Dorie "Baking" book. Somewhere between adding the flour and the butter I made a grievous mistake and deflated the batter. It all seemed fine until it came out of the oven and was about 1/2" inch thick.

Ugh. There was no way it was going to be sliced into three layers. I let and cool and tasted a piece just for posterity's sake and it was just awful. Hard and rubbery. A total waste of eggs, butter, sugar, and flour. Did I mention I was making this for dessert later that night? Instead I tossed the genoise fail, utilized the strawberries, made sweet cream biscuits for shortcakes, and used the heavy cream to make whipped cream. I think my cooking mojo was totally off on Saturday period because I was not happy with the shortcakes either. Dinner was not my best work. I owe my friends who came over a do-over with a better menu. 

Anyway, to go see what this cake should have looked like visit Sophia's Sweets or Think, Love, Sleep, Dine - they hosted this week's recipe and have very nice cakes to see!

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