Thursday, May 02, 2013


I've been on an unintentional hiatus, but here's to a new month and hopefully the return of regular posting/updates. It's been a busy few months, we took a spring break trip to New Orleans, did some house updating, bought a new washer and dryer that is rocking my world (I didn't know I could love appliances so much), celebrated Easter (two of the three of us were sick), we've eaten more donuts than we ever should have, some friends and I went to hear Dan Savage speak, I have consumed many, many espresso drinks, we enjoyed the sporadic spring weather, I volunteered for the WEVL spring pledge drive, George has finally cut a tooth and is pulling up on everything, I celebrated my 32nd birthday (eek), and just last weekend we had nine-month pictures of George taken. Plus nine million other little moments.

(these are my two pretty friends with Dan Savage, I was too shy to talk to him)

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