Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weekend Highlights

  • Friday night we had a fussy, feverish baby. Doug picked up takeout from here and we (um, mainly me) watched bridal shows on TLC. 
  • Saturday morning we still had a feverish baby so we had donuts and coffee before an 11:00AM doctor's appointment. Once at the pediatrician's office our baby was no longer feverish and seemed to be feeling much better. 
  • The rest of Saturday we hung around the house, had one of our close friends over for a dinner of hot wings and fries (which I did not make) and  'boiled cookies', which I did make (that's what my Nannie has always called them). We had beautiful weather Saturday night after the rain cleared out so we ate on the patio. Newly covered with one of those cooling shade/sail things from Home Depot. It's a little low hanging right now but keeps the sun from bearing down on our heads. 
  • Sunday morning we had scones and more coffee, and decided to skip our very late brunch reservations in favor of going to the zoo. Doug (and George) gave me two very awesome Mother's Day presents, a Kindle Fire HD and a box of my favorite chocolate-covered orange slices and salted caramels from a local candy company. At the zoo we realized everyone else had the same idea we did so it was pretty busy but not horribly so. George was more interested in watching the people than the animals (Doug and I were too). On the way home we had Yolo.

  • Sunday night we again took advantage of the patio weather and had dinner outside. I made a shrimp recipe from Cooking Light (shrimp + lemon + red pepper flakes + white wine + butter) and George and I practiced sticking our tongues out. We were also pretty bummed about the end of the weekend.

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