Monday, May 13, 2013

Oreo Cake

Two weekends ago we had friends over for dinner, a dinner which I actually made everything myself. This hasn't happened very much since George came along. Earlier in the week I had hoped we'd get to be outside for dinner on the patio, however the weather had other plans. It was usually cool and rainy, not your typical Memphis spring weather, well at least the cool part. The friends came and played with George, who was pretty well-behaved. I made a chicken dish that had a lot of cheese in it (recipe here). However, you know that dessert is my favorite thing to make and so for dessert I made a very delicious cake with an ungodly amount of Oreo cookies in it. It's a single layer chocolate cake, split into two layers after baking (no Oreos in the batter) with 'frosting' made entirely of heavy cream and crushed Oreos. For real. It was crazy good. I know Oreos are processed junk food and all but the remind me of being a kid and taking just the right amount of time to dunk one in milk before it broke off into mush. Oreo Cake recipe via Serious Eats.

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