Monday, December 31, 2007

We'll take a cup of kindness yet

Tonight we have plans to hang out with friends at their apartment, order pizza, talk and drink too much. We've hung out with them on NYE the past three years. I plan on drinking either Woodchuck Granny Smith or a concoction of champagne/pineapple juice/triple sec.

When I was younger time d r a g g e d on it seemed but as with everyone, the older you get the more quickly time passes. In January of this year Doug and I began the enormous task of house-hunting and by end of the month we had put in an offer. In February our stomachs were in knots waiting for the mortgage paperwork to process, we finally closed on the 23rd and we spent our 3rd wedding anniversary moving into the house.

In March and April we did a lot of small house repairs, including painting the master bedroom, doing some landscaping, etc. We bought a gas grill and had cookouts with friends. In May and June we bought new bicycles (that we have yet to ride, oops). Doug built an Adirondack chair for the patio, I planted some more flowers and we tried to avoid the impending heat.

In July Doug left for a month to work in Singapore and I stayed at home and kept the house running and tried to stay cool. In August he came back and the temperatures reached 106F degrees. In the middle of the month we took a short vacation to the beach in Florida. We also tried another IUI, which failed. In September we took another short trip to Chicago and also drove to Milwaukee to see a Brewer's game.

In October we decorated for Halloween and waited for cooler weather (it took awhile). In November we hosted Thanksgiving and in December we decorated for Christmas, shopped and I did a whole lot of baking.

We hope to have just as good a year in 2008 but hopefully a little bit better. Maybe this will finally be the year we become parents, Doug's book will get published and we'll pay off the credit cards. Maybe.

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