Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sweaters and scarves and bags

The Creamed Spinach scarf is finally done. I cast off the first weekend in March but it took me almost two weeks to block it because of pure laziness. It turned out well, the cast off edge looks a little off but maybe the recipient won't mind. The yarn was nice to work with, I like the 'halo' effect it has.I had started to make the February Lady Sweater with grey Lana D'Oro I bought at a New Year's Eve yarn sale but it didn't like the way it was turning out so I frogged it and chose to use the yarn for something else. The 'something else' is the Francis Revisited sweater. It's simple top down raglan with seed stitch hem, cuffs and cowl. I finally bound off the bottom and I'm working on the sleeves now. The yarn is really soft and warm but with the temps in the upper 60's-low 70's now I doubt I'll get much wear out of it until the fall. Also it could probably be a tad bigger.I cast on another reusable bag, out of some All Hemp that I've had forever. I'm going to have a table about knitting reusable items and recycling old sweaters into new things this Saturday in my hometown for Earth Day. I hope to get the bag done by Saturday, I'll probably give it to my mom though since I already have a couple of cotton ones.

My sweet friend Melissa found some discarded trim a few weeks ago and brought it to knit night, where we divvied it up amongst ourselves. I found this lace yoke for a top and had the bright idea to knit onto it. It was a little discolored so I bleached it, washed it in Soak and made plans. I ordered three skeins of RYC Cotton Silk and I'm using the Frock Camisole top from Interweave Knits as my inspiration for a swing top. I had a little trouble picking up and knitting the teeny stitches but hopefully it'll be okay. The yarn is from Webs and is a such a pretty shade. I have a lot of warm weather projects picked out for the spring/summer. I hope I'll have the time to knit most of them.

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stacey m. said...

Love love love the tank. I have project in mind and the materials to make it...and I've had my sewing machine now for 3.5 months with no use. You're in good company, my friend.

My mother would be ashamed. My mother IS ashamed, I'm sure.

I better get busy!

Nashville is calling my name....