Friday, April 17, 2009

In which I sew (sort of)

Okay I'm ashamed to admit this but I have had my sewing machine for well over a year and I have sewn nary a thing on it. I have fabric, I have thread, I have needles and yet I still do not sew. Shameful. I have recently been inspired to make things and I needed to use the sewing machine. One of them was a headband/headwrap thingy (great name right?) and the other was an already-made-tank embellished with a doily.

I posted about purchasing some vintage doilies from estate sales a few months ago and my friend Lynsey and I have been looking for ways to use them. Lynsey, who (to steal a phrase) is made of awesome, made a great jersey tank for herself with a doily-embellished back. Since my sewing skills, are, um, way less advanced than that, I took the easy route and bought a pre-made tank top at Target and worked on sewing the doily to the front of it. It took a small blood sacrifice and a string of words that might make a sailor blush before I got it sewn on. My craftsmanship is shoddy at best but it's attached and I like the way it looks and it cost about $8.00 total.

My second 'sewing' project was the headband. This is another piece of trim from Melissa's find. I had thought it would look great on a dark denim skirt, but only if it had some friends to join it. So I scrapped that idea and took the advice of the knitting group and made a headband to put it on. This was very unscientific. I took a headscarf, measured it across, cut out a length of fabric I had laying around, cut a piece of white flannel the same size (to give it a little more structure) and sewed that bad boy shut. I frayed the ends a little bit, tried the headband on and then pinned the flower to the place it looked the best in and then sewed it down. Viola, headband/headwrap thingy on my big ole melon head. Again, my sewing skills are crap but I have to start somewhere right?

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cute headband!