Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A bridal shower for a knitta

Last week the MKM hosted a bridal shower for fellow knitter, Emily, who will be walking down the aisle very soon. Kenan opened up her lovely home to us for the event and everyone brought something for us to devour.I made this Sweet Almond Cake with Lemon Curd and vanilla buttercream frosting from the Sweet Melissa Baking book. The book calls for a lemon-mascarpone frosting, which I made the night before the shower and refrigerated (the book said it was okay). Unfortunately, the next afternoon when I was ready to cover the cake the frosting had turned into a clumpy, un-spreadable mess. I whined a little before admitting defeat and throwing together a buttercream frosting, which came out perfectly. The cake was really delicious, it had 14 egg whites and coarsely ground almonds in the batter too.After the rounds were baked each layer was given a thin coat of lemon curd before being topped with the frosting. I might be a baker but I'm not a decorator, so to spruce it up a little I added some spray roses and a little ribbon (removed before consumption of course). The 10 minute drive from my house to Kenan's was a little harrowing. I was almost there when the cake took a slide off the it's plate and had to be repaired a little when we made it to Kenan's. I think the next time I transport a cake I need an extra person to come with me.As an extra expression of our love we knit flowers and leaves for a corsage which Emily graciously wore, even though it was a little large. Happy Wedding Emily and Eric!

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